Who's your favorite speaker?

We don’t have enough storage space on this site to upload speaker tapes, but why not start a list, here? xa-speakers.com is a good site to down load from.

Who really sticks to the original aa principles?

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My current favorite speakers are:

Bob D. - Las Vegas, NV

Chris R. - Ingram, TX

And Of Course

Sandy Beach

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  • Sun, May 11, 2008 9:34 PM

My favorites are:


  1. Chuck Chamberlain - LA
  2. Johnny Harris - LA
  3. Normi Alpi - LA
  4. Bob D - Las Vegas
  5. Clancy I. - LA
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  • Wed, May 14, 2008 1:53 PM

www.xa-speakers.org has alot of good ones...

My personal favorite is CHRIS R. from Ingram, TX, he tells it like it is...then in a very close second it would have to be Scott L. from Nashville followed by 3rd place Bob D. from Las Vegas.

There are no real bad speakers either if they are talking about God and the steps, ya know the Solution:)


my favorite speakers are Earl H, Tom I,  Sandy B, Don M and  of course my sponsor Scott L. But on a grander scale all AA speakers are great because of the message we carry; that there is hope and recovery through the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. God bless you all as you trudge the road of happy destiny. 

Edited Fri, Nov 14, 2008 5:53 PM

Mark H. -Texas

Joe H. -Santa Monica

Bob D. -Vegas

Chris R. -Texas

Peter M. -New Jersey

Chris S. -New Jersey

Doug M. -Florida

Ed M. -Iowa

All on xa-speakers, and in no particular order, if I HAD to pick a favorite it would be between Bob D. and Mark H.

My old sponser Mark B. from Navarre, Fl is on the speaker site:


He's got a very interesting story

Sandy Beach

Joe & Charlie's Big Book Study

Scott L.

Alicia N.


and the list keeps growing...

Hi Rick-

I'm contacting you in hopes that you may help me contact Scott Lee. He is very old friend of my husband Tim and myself (Kale). He ws the very first friend to visit our son Jacob when he was born, premature and very ill. Jake is now 17. I wanted to let Scott know that 10 weeks ago I "gave up the fight and picked up a white" and admitted to both Tim and Jake that I am an addict, I needed help and I surrendered. They were and are so supportive in my seeking treatment ( a rehab facility in Boca)and newly found recovery. Throughout the years we often speak of Scott and miss him greatly. I now understnd his peacefulness, his kindness, his acceptance and understanding, where as I didn't before, although we loved him for just being Scott.

Please be so kind as to forward this to him. The following is all of our current contact information.

Tim and Kale Yount

14709 John J. Delaney Drive

Charlotte, NC 28277

(704)900-5786 (home)

(704)807-2523 (Kale cell)

(704)807-1413 (Tim cell)

(704)758-3407 (Tim direct ext @LOWES)






Our Tim finally made it up the corporate ladder and is now a Director at LOWES!!! We are bck in Charlotte.

Please get intouch would love to reconnect with you...

Kale Yount

I Agree With Jan W. The Only Other Speaker I can

add to that list is Clancy I From Calafornia Love Ya


You can hear many great speakers on www. alcoholicsinaction.org

They have Earl Husband -OKLAHOMA CITY,OK

               Wesley P Bill W Dr.Bob Wynn L Sylvia K Chuck C Clarence S Clancy I Willie B

Joe & Charlie Fr. Martin Fr. John Doe and more


EARL.H!!!!!  he is by far the most inspirational, entertaining, and he's right by the book.  I think everyone should experience the power of his story.

Jack C, Hagerstown, Maryland,

Chuck H., Cary, North Carolina

checkout this site: http://www.rexark.com/collections/great-aa-men-speakers

You people are listening to some great speakers. I agree with all of them. 

My favs are Mark H. Joe H. and Chris R. Add Bob D.


My favorite speaker is scott lee from Florida. His sense of spirituality and having Gods presence as a priority blew me away because it's very few in reality who speak so openly and so unashamed about God being their hp and priority in their life. Not only did I relate to that but several key aspects to his story seem to have been plucked from my life. Not really but God has a funny way He lines us up to hear particular AA speakers as He did when i " accidentally" heard Scott lee here in south bend.

peace and be well, 

jan t

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